Valentines On A Budget – A Valentine’s secret!

Look at all this Valentine Candy!!
If these Valentine Goodies aren't on sale now - they will be soon!

If these Valentine Goodies aren’t on sale now – they will be soon!

If they aren’t already on sale – Valentine’s Day treats + gifts will very shortly be slashed in price.  One thing to check out is the grocery store aisle for valentine goodies on sale now…

If you’re frugal shopper and the day isn’t as important as the sentiment, you can save $$$ and still score big by looking for valentine bargains today or tomorrow.

Some of our visitors are bargain shoppers (and we like to save a little money as wel)… and in the craft stores (Hobby Lobby, Michael’s etc), the valentine craft supplies have been on sale for a week or more – come tomorrow they’ll be 70% off or more!!

We like to stock up on valentine craft supplies after they go on sale – they don’t go off and a rubber stamp or some craft paper will definitely last until next valentine’s season… we’ve seen savings as much as 80%!

Now for our biggest secret… if you want to save a little money – ASK FOR A DISCOUNT today.  In our experience, talk to the checkout supervisor, especially if you’re buying a LOT of valentine goodies – they’re often willing to extend you a discount, or a larger discount – the worst they can say is no… ?


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