International Cards Galore at the 2017 Loveland Valentine Remailing Station

We snapped a couple of photos of some international valentines cards headed back to their recipients at the Valentine Station in Loveland today…

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We wish there was an international ‘heart’ postage stamp.. but alas, this is the only single stamp that the USPS has.. 🙁


Volunteers are busy stamping all the cards you send to Loveland – Send More Cards!!

Volunteers are really on top of the cards this year – send more cards!!



King Soopers Drop Off Boxes – Updated Information

king-soopers has Valentine Drop Off BoxesWe have been informed that this year the King Soopers drop-off boxes for Valentines Card was stopped on the 1st of February and we had an incorrect date on our website. We’re sorry that our page was incorrect, it has been corrected now.

So – where can you drop off your cards?

The two drop off locations for your cards can be found at the Loveland Post Office (29th St) – the Loveland Visitors Center. We also noted that the US Post Office in Johnstown, CO had a box which they told us was to be emptied + delivered to Loveland a couple more times before the card deadline.

Looking for the 2017 Loveland Valentines Day Card? Here is where you can find them…

Are you looking to buy the 2017 Official Loveland Valentine? Here is a list of Official Merchants:

Official 2017 Loveland Valentine Cards are available at these locations:
Business Name Address City, State, Zip ONLINE ONLY Loveland
Albertson’s 1451 W. Eisenhower Loveland, CO
Columbine Drug 2295 W. Eisenhower Loveland, CO
King Soopers 2602 S Timberline Rd Fort Collins, CO
King Soopers (Harmony Marketplace) 4503 John F Kennedy Pkwy Fort Collins, CO
King Soopers (Thompson Valley Towne Center) 1275 Eagle Dr. Loveland, CO
King Soopers (Orchards Shopping Center) 253 E 29th St Loveland, CO
K-Mart 2665 W. Eisenhower Loveland, CO
Loveland Museum & Gallery 503 N. Lincoln Ave. Loveland, CO
Loveland Visitor’s Center 5400 Stone Creek Circle Loveland, CO
Mail Mart 117 E. 37th Street Loveland, CO
Safeway (Downtown) 860 Cleveland Ave. Loveland, CO
Safeway (West) 2321 W. Eisenhower Loveland, CO
US Postal Service 446 E. 29th St. Loveland, CO
Walgreens 2370 W. Eisenhower Loveland, CO
Walgreens 205 E. Eisenhower Loveland, CO
Walgreens 3690 N. Garfield Ave Loveland, CO
Walgreens 1480 Main St. Windsor, CO
Wal-Mart Super Center 1325 Denver Ave. Loveland, CO
Wal-Mart Super Center 250 W. 65th St., Loveland, CO

Superbowl 2017 Brings The Usual Valentine Downturn in Interest

Well it happens every year, this football game called ‘The Superbowl’ has resulted in a downturn in interest in Valentines… yesterday and today, we expect traffic to be down on the website… but we know that tomorrow, after the big game, that you’ll be back to Valentine season with a passion… and we’ll be here…

So – no matter who wins this football thing – the cards and the volunteers will be waiting for you #SuperBowl #Valentine #2017

Things to do in Loveland: Craft Beer & Girl Scout Cookie Pairing

Join us anytime throughout the day for 6 Big Beaver beers paired with 6 varieties of Girl Scout cookies. Cookies will be available for purchase on February 4th from 2 to 4 pm. Enjoy 6 4 oz pours and 12 cookies for $10. A small batch S’mores Cookie Porter release will take place on February 3rd at 2 pm, in honor of the Girl Scouts newest S’mores cookie release. $1 from each pint will be donated to the “Troop to Troops” Gift of Caring Program, which sends Girl Scout cookies to our military men and women.

Big Beaver Brewing is offering a Beer + Girl Scout Cookie Pairing Today - $10 - Available 2-4PM 4th February, 2017

Big Beaver Brewing is offering a Beer + Girl Scout Cookie Pairing Today – $10 – Available 2-4PM 4th February, 2017

Date: February 4
Time: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Cost: $10
Location: Big Beaver Brewing, 2707 W. Eisenhower Blvd., Loveland, CO 80537

Are you wearing red today? It’s National Wear Red Day

February 3 marks National Wear Red Day, a holiday to raise awareness for cardiovascular disease in women. It’s also the start of American Heart Month. The holiday was created by the American Heart Association and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute in 2003.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the U.S., according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC reports that 289,758 women were killed in 2013 from heart disease, making up one in four of all female deaths that year.

The CDC notes that the same number of women and men die on average each year. It is the leading cause of death for both African American and white women in the U.C. and 64 percent of all women who die from heart disease showed no previous symptoms.

According to the CDC, the conditions and choices that can put a person at risk for heart disease include diabetes, overweight and obesity, poor diet, physical inactivity and excessive alcohol use. Symptoms of heart disease include heart attack, arrhythmia, heart failure and stroke.

Learn More

#WearRedDay #WearRed

Amazon Valentine Gift Ideas – A Shopping Experience That Could Potentially Ruin Valentine’s Day?

Amazon has some gift ideas for you - but among the good ideas are some potentially bad ideas...

The online favorite Amazon would have you believe that they have you covered when it comes to Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – but we would caution you to take a moment and think before buying that impulse Valentine gift…

Not every gift category is ‘The perfect gift idea for every Valentine’ as Amazon would have you believe…

Valentine Gifts in the ‘For Her’ Section:

Amazon Valentine Gift Ideas for her - a good idea...

Amazon Valentine Gift Ideas for her – a good idea…

Valentine Gifts in the ‘Beauty’ Section:

Amazon Valentine Gift Ideas in the Beauty category - a good idea...

Amazon Valentine Gift Ideas in the Beauty category – a good idea…

Valentine Gifts in the ‘Grocery’ or ‘Candy’ Section:

Amazon Valentine Gift Ideas in the Grocery (candy) category - a good idea...

Amazon Valentine Gift Ideas in the Grocery (candy) category – a good idea…

Valentine Gifts in the ‘Flowers’ Section:

Amazon Valentine Gift Ideas in the Flowers category - a good idea...

Amazon Valentine Gift Ideas in the Flowers category – a good idea…

Valentine Gifts in the ‘Home & Kitchen’ Section:

Amazon Valentine Gift Ideas in the Home category - might not be a good idea...

Amazon Valentine Gift Ideas in the Home category – might not be a good idea…

We hope you know your valentine sweetheart well enough to know which categories are good choices for you to buy in… for this household… we will be steering clear of the Home & Kitchen section… 😉

International Valentine Card Mailing Deadline Looms Large – Buy Today to hit the deadline

Loveland Valentine Station VolunteersThe Valentine Re-Mailing Program has set the 4th of February as the deadline to have your International cards into the remailing program for valentine’s day delivery, so today is the last day we can take orders with a guarantee to get them to the Valentine Station Valentine Station by the 4th if they must travel overseas.

As a gentle reminder – the US Postal Service no longer has ‘international zones’ – in previous years, we had different deadlines and postal rates for Canada, Europe and ‘rest of world’ – the USPS now treats all countries outside the US as ‘Overseas’.

Please make sure you buy your international valentine’s day card today!

Loveland Sweetheart Classic 2017 – February 11th, 2017

The Sweetheard Classic is a 4-mile run which takes place on the saturday before Valentines Day each year.

The Loveland Sweetheart Classic is normally run on the the Saturday before Valentines Day – this year (2017), that falls on the 11th of February.

Join hundreds of others on February 11th, 2017 for a day full of fun, love, and fitness as well as raising money for the Thompson Valley School District high school Cross Country teams. Kids 12 and under can participate in a free 400m run around the track.

The Loveland Road Runners are excited to once again hold this year’s event around Lake Loveland. Loveland High School will be hosting the registration and awards in their cafeteria. You can find parking spots in the east parking lot of the high school. The race will begin promptly in the same parking lot at 9:00 a.m. Racers will need to arrive at the high school early to assure smooth parking as well as an on-time start. To ensure the safety of our runners, the parking lot will be closed 15 minutes prior to the race start.

Our Take: If you’re going to indulge in chocolate, candy or beer (or all three) – then getting out and raising some money for a good cause while burning off a few calories is an excellent way to buy some leeway for Valentine indulgences! Go on – run for Loveland!

Cost: Single Registration, $30, Couples Registration, $55.

More details and registration at the Loveland Sweetheart Classic website.