Save on Ghirarddelli’s Only Hearts Basket

If you have a favorite local chocolatier, we recommend you buy from them, but a really good national brand of chocolate is Ghirardelli – their products are great tasting and at the upper-end of quality, while firmly in the ‘mid-range’ of prices – not super expensive, but not ‘cheap chocolate’. Any chocolate lover is going to love their chocolates, and like most candy companies, they have several Valentine’s packages. We happen to like the Ghirarddelli’s Only Hearts Basket as a good value and great selection of their valentine chocolate offerings.

The Ghirardelli’s ‘Only Hearts’ Basket is the valentine’s gift for the chocolate lover in your life. At a list price of $30 it does seem on the edge of ‘value for money’, but there are a couple of ways you can get this chocco-valentine-delight for less! 😉

Ghirardelli's Only Hearts Basket

Ghirardelli’s Only Hearts Basket

What’s included:

  • Suede heart box: 14 assorted chocolate squares
  • Black + Red Heart Box: 12 assorted chocolate squares
  • 6-oz. dark chocolate-covered almonds
  • Paper heart Bag: containing 8 assorted chocolate squares
  • Rectangular gift box (the ‘basket’)

Locally you can find this delicious gift at:

Target – their price $28.00 – check a Target Store close to you for availability
Kohl’s – their price $26.99 – use your Kohl’s Cash from previous purchases!
Bed Bath and Beyond – their price $29.99 – but use your 20% off coupon to reduce the price to around $24!