Loveland Valentines 2016: Last Days

The volunteers have been stamping for 10 days today – and the valentine’s keep flowing through our ‘Sweetheart City’ – but today and tomorrow will be the last days to buy your cards from us for 2016 Valentine Season: we are winding down another year of Valentine festivities at

Your choices are:

  1. Buy the Loveland Valentine from Loveland, Colorado:
2016 Loveland Valentine

Time is running out to buy your Loveland Valentine this year…

  1. Buy the Loveland Valentine from Loveland, Ohio:
The 2016 Loveland Ohio Valentine Card was designed by

We also have the Loveland, Ohio Valentine Card this year!

If you buy from us today, or tomorrow – we’ll personalize the card with your message, add hand-stamps and stickers, confetti and heart-postage from the USPS, then hand-deliver your card to the volunteers at the Sweetheart City, Valentine Station – the Official Stamping Station for the Loveland, CO Valentine Program.

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