Loveland Valentine Orders Still Available…

As the 2016 Loveland Valentine Season winds down – it’s not too late to purchase your Valentine Card Orders from us – at this point we obviously cannot guarantee that the card will reach your valentine by the 14th – even for in-state cards the deadline has passed – but we’re still taking orders and delivering them to the US Postal Service Valentine Station where the volunteers will be stamping until the last card is done…

This year we had two Valentine Cards to choose from:

  1. Buy the Loveland Valentine from Loveland, Colorado:
2016 Loveland Valentine Orders Available

The Loveland, Colorado Valentine is a beautiful collage of cards from previous years, combined with a sweet poem and cachet.

  1. Buy the Loveland Valentine from Loveland, Ohio:
The 2016 Loveland Ohio Valentine Card was designed by

The Loveland Ohio Valentine NoteCard is a little smaller (and costs a little less) – which means your personalized message can be a little longer. Loveland Valentine Orders Still Available!

If you buy from our website – we’ll personalize the card with your message, add hand-stamps and stickers, confetti and heart-postage from the USPS, then hand-deliver your card to the team of eager volunteers at the Sweetheart City, Valentine Station – the Official Stamping Station for the Loveland, CO Valentine Program.

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