Buy the 2018 Loveland Valentine

The 2018 Loveland Valentine Cards are Now Available via Amazon!

The 2018 Loveland Valentine Cards are Now Available via Amazon!

The Loveland Valentines Card – 2018 are now available!

This year we have some exciting news!  You asked – we listened… and now the Loveland Valentine Card is on Amazon!

We have a 2-pack of Loveland Valentine Cards as a Valentine Remailing Kit available for purchase online.

In the Valentine Remailing Kit you will receive:

  • Two Official Loveland Valentine Cards with matching envelopes
  • a manila envelope pre-address to the Loveland Valentine Station – postage pre-paid for 2 cards
  • 1st-class US Postage Stamps for each Loveland Valentine Card
  • Various Valentine Stickers (stickers vary, but you get multiple stickers for each card)
  • Valentine Confetti – the same confetti we used in previous years making cards for you
  • Valentine Remailing Instructions – a step-by-step guide to complete your remailing!

Please note: Each Kit contains TWO Loveland Valentines Cards!

We hope you’ll enjoy this remailing kit and we think the remailing tradition can be a fun project for the family.  A fun activity for the entire family.

Remailing ideas:

  • A fun project for dad to do with the children – decorate and address the cards to mom and remail them via Loveland
  • Send a card to your grandmas!
  • Remail the cards to your family overseas (additional postage may be required)
  • Send Loveland Valentine Cards to your daughters living away from home (college or just in another town).

The valentine remailing ideas are endless – but supplies are limited – so buy your valentine remailing kit today!