2018 Loveland Valentine Hearts on the Streets of Loveland, CO

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Today we took a few photos of some 2018 Loveland Hearts on US-34 in Loveland.

These are the hearts that are sold every year by the Thompson Valley Rotary Club – for some 40+ years, the streets of Loveland, Colorado have been lined each February with hundreds of wooden hearts bearing messages. Many of these messages carry personalized words of affection, devotion and love in up to 25 letters (a sort of pre-twitter “love tweet”). The Thompson Valley Rotary has managed the program for about 20 years.

Locals can request order almost anything to be inscribed on these hearts. Messages have included foreign languages and symbols. Each message is stenciled on the heart with the help of local students. Proceeds of the sales of these hearts go to help children locally and abroad through the Thompson Valley Rotary Club.

The 2018 Loveland Hearts program was sold out in record time – by January 8th, 2018 – all 2018 Loveland Hearts had been allocated and sold.

  1. Monika Valdez

    I am from Co Springs, but grew up in Loveland. I was told someone could find the location of my heart and let me know. I do not have much time to hunt for it as I am only passing through to Estes to take care of my parent. Would this be possible so I may snap my picture of it? Thank you

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