With Love from Loveland’s Valentine Cards – 2018 – Exciting New Changes!

Welcome to With Love From Loveland, Colorado – Home of Loveland Valentine Cards for more than 13 years!

The 2018 Loveland Valentine Cards are Now Available via Amazon!

The 2018 Loveland Valentine Cards are Now Available via Amazon!

The Loveland Valentines Card – 2018 are now available on Amazon!

This year we have some exciting news!  You asked – we listened… and now the Loveland Valentine Card is on available for purchase from Amazon.

We have a 2-pack of Loveland Valentine Cards as a Valentine Remailing Kit available for purchase online.

The Loveland Valentine Card Remailing Kit is now available on Amazon.com

In the Valentine Remailing Kit you will receive:

  • Two Official Loveland Valentine Cards with matching envelopes
  • a manila envelope pre-address to the Loveland Valentine Station – postage pre-paid for 2 cards
  • 1st-class US Postage Stamps for each Loveland Valentine Card
  • Various Valentine Stickers (stickers vary, but you get multiple stickers for each card)
  • Valentine Confetti – the same confetti we used in previous years making cards for you
  • Valentine Remailing Instructions – a step-by-step guide to complete your remailing!

Please note: Each Kit contains TWO Loveland Valentines Cards!

We hope you’ll enjoy this remailing kit and we think the remailing tradition can be a fun project for the family.  A fun activity for the entire family.

Remailing ideas:

  • A fun project for dad to do with the children – decorate and address the cards to mom and remail them via Loveland
  • Send a card to your grandmas!
  • Remail the cards to your family overseas (additional postage may be required)
  • Send Loveland Valentine Cards to your daughters living away from home (college or just in another town).

The valentine remailing ideas are endless – but supplies are limited – so buy your valentine remailing kit today!


Contact us online for additional information about any of our local merchants or the Loveland Valentine Remailing program.

What some customers have told us of our services:

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We'd give you Five Stars!! Of all the fun activities we could think of to do with our kids, making valentines day cards for their grandmother with your remailing kit was the tops! Bravo team! We love these!

Mary & Bob, Garner, NC Amazon.com February 2, 2018